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About TelosMedia.Org

International project "Telos Media" was conceived out of the concern felt by many Christians about the degraded state of modern society, spread of immorality and the break up of so many families. One of the main factors that have lead us to this situation is the negative effect which mass media, popular music and cinema have on the formation of every person's world view. In opposition to this attach by the popular culture, a group of Christians have decided to unite their effort in creating a project called "Telos Media".

The word "Telos" (τέλος) can be defined as an ultimate object or aim. This Greek term, widely used in works of Aristotle, has become the corner stone of the teaching called Teleology. Teleology, as a study, focuses on the special purpose in existence of every living and non living thing, which itself operates on the existence of an intelligent and creative will of a creator.[1] Also, the word teleó(τελέω) which shares a common root and means "accomplished", was the last word spoken by Jesus Christ when he was dying on the cross. [2] By uttering this word, He has heralded the salvation of the man kind.

Project "Telos Media" believes that by studying the scriptures which talk about the life of Jesus Christ, people can free themselves from the bondage of sin and fulfill the purpose for which God created them.

Our goal is to provide our users with good quality audio, video and reading material, which would clearly depict the beauty of though, logical basis and practical applications of the Christian world view.

If you share our vision, you can join this project and become a member of our team. For more information about joining "Telos Media" team, please contact us using contact form below.