CEO of Telos Technologies, LLC

The main purpose of is to empower missionary teams and equip them with the necessary tools to make them as effective as possible in reaching their people with Scripture.

Said Akhmedbayev, CEO at Telos Technologies, LLC

On a mission to empower missionaries is a project of Telos Technologies, LLC. This project was born out of an understanding of the great need in the missionary field today for the distribution of Scripture over the Internet. We have met many Christians who have a great desire to spread the Word of God among the nations but who do not have the necessary technical skills and sometimes the means to do so.

The primary purpose of is to meet this need, equip the missionary with the necessary tools to make him as effective as possible in reaching his people with the Scripture in their language. stands at the very beginning of its journey. We have many plans for how this platform will become the best support for any mission team. Our plans include the following prerogatives:

  • Support PWA (progressive web application) with the offline mode
  • Ability to run distribution campaigns using all popular Social Media Networks
  • An automated build process for mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Support audio Scripture
  • Full-featured CMS (content management system)
  • Teams Wiki
  • Full-featured URM (user relationship management)
  • Support of the third-party apps/plugins

We hope with God’s help and your prayers, we will manage to accomplish them soon. Be patient with us and trust us on where we are. Join today and jump on this incredible journey that lies ahead of us!

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